*  The cheapest time to buy a flight is 6-8 weeks before your travel date. If you’re flying internationally, then 3-5 months is the best window. Buying a flight out of that time period can really rack up the price. It also matters what day of the week you buy your flight.

*  It is actually best to buy flights in the beginning of the week because that is when the discounts are issued.

*  Clear your caches and cookies before each flight search. Airlines hold on to these searches from your search engine and can actually alter the price to the average price you’ve been paying.

*  Buy flights through Google incognito mode. To do this, you must be using Google Chrome. Next to the search bar are three dots. You’ll select “new incognito mode” which allows you to browse in private. Airlines hold on to your searches through your search engines and alter flight prices to the average price you’ve paid in the past.



Parking your car at the airport can be expensive.There is an app called Way that shows you affordable parking prices that are near the airport. I once parked my car at a hotel that offered a free shuttle to the airport for $7 a day using the Way app.

Bag fees. Bag fees can really add up. Some airlines are real sticklers about this. They charge if you do not check your bag before you get to the airport. I recommend taking a carry on. I recommend the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Suitcase Luggage with Wheels because it is durable and can expand. You’d be surprised how much stuff you can pack in here.

Complimentary beverages on the plane? NOPE. Many airlines charge you for drinks or snacks so bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up after you pass through security.

Rental Car Insurance. Many credit cards include rental car insurance and you can save money when picking up your car by opting out of the insurance the vendor offers .

Seat charges. Many airlines charge a fee for any seat, not just the priority seats. That is usually why some flights appear so cheap because they end up having you pay for the seat as well.

Exchange fees. Use a credit card that does not have foreign transaction fees. These can really add up especially if your bank charges the exchange rate and a fee on top of that. Exchange cash before the trip or by using an ATM in the country you’ve traveled to. It is often much cheaper to pull cash from an ATM than to go to a currency exchange spot at the airport. The fees are much lower. Airport currency exchange vendors charge extra fees to exchange currency. Also, many people forget to tell their banks before they go out of town. You may arrive at your destination and your bank shuts down your card if they believe the transaction is fraud. Create a travel plan with your bank.

Phone carrier fees. Make sure to settle things with your cellular provider beforehand. The last thing you need is hundreds of dollars added on to your phone bill because you forgot to set up a travel plan. Buy the travel plan that covers a bit of gigabytes but also turn off cellular networks when out and about. Connect to Wifi whenever possible since WiFi is usually free. If you want an even cheaper option in the long run, I recommend the a Wifi Hotspot. Also, change your phone mail settings to Fetch instead of Push, which prevents your phone from downloading emails in the background by using your cellular data. You’ll actually have to go into the mail app in order to retrieve them.

-Never carry expensive jewelry. Be careful of pickpockets. Keep belongings dispersed throughout your bag. Carry a hidden money wallet fanny pack.

-Always keep a photocopy of your ID and passport.

-Download offline Google translator and a currency exchange app.

-Purchase a multi-country adapter for outlets.

Ask us about Travel Insurance. Ensure protection on trip delay, cancellations, baggage protection and medical expenses.


-> Yes you can visit Antarctica! The most common method is via cruise. The average Antarctica cruise cost is about $8,000 per person. You can also fly from Punta Arenas , Chile or Cape Town.

-> Best to visit is October-March

-> There are lots of outdoor activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding and viewing marine life.