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If you’ve asked yourself the above questions to someone, then you’re in the right place. I, too, also thought that it was difficult to travel. First ask yourself, what makes it feel impossible to travel? Is it money? Is it because you can’t get the time off work? What if I told you that you control your own reality? You can do anything you want in this exact moment but we are often constrained to societal rules or cultural norms. For me, what makes me happy in life is travel. With these following tips and tricks, hopefully you can begin your travel journey as well.


Money doesn’t grow on trees but did you know that it is cheaper to travel the world than it is to pay for rent in the United States? Cost of living is so high that it is possible to simply travel from hotel to Airbnb, while working remotely or from your computer. I receive the question quite frequently on how I pay for travel. The fact of the matter is, I am not rich nor do I have a sugar daddy (wouldn’t that be the easy way out?) and please do not even think for one second that my parents support me, because they don’t. I travel because I make it a priority in my life. Life experiences are far more important than financial savings. The best stories are told through the pages of a passport.


Yes, I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way that I’m opening up a credit card, but they are actually quite valuable. Not only can you earn points and miles, you can even earn free flights! I personally use the Capital one Venture card and I have heard excellent things about the Chase Sapphire Cards.

*I am in no way affiliated with either credit card company. Just sharing some personal favs.

If you put your everyday expenses on your credit card, the money really starts to add up, which then allows you to earn points. Just make sure to pay it off right away and you’re golden.


Does it cost money? NO! Every time you go to a website to purchase one of their flights, you should sign up for their loyalty/rewards program. That way, the miles you’ve earned from the purchase won’t be for nothing. Miles accumulate and can be redeemed for free flights. For companies like Southwest, if you earn enough miles, you can receive a Companion Pass, where any person of your choice can fly with you for free or at a discounted rate for one year. You never know when you might fly a specific airline again and can use your points in the future.


The next best way to travel while ballin on a budget is to find cheap flights and no, googling “cheap flights to Bali” isn’t going to do it for you. You have to be smart in your approach.

  • The cheapest time to buy a flight is 6-8 weeks before your travel date. If you’re flying internationally, then 3-5 months is the best window. Buying a flight out of that time period can really rack up the price. It also matters what day of the week you buy your flight.

  • It is actually best to buy flights in the beginning of the week because that is when the discounts are issued.

  • The biggest expense in travel is the initial flight. If you want to bounce around from country to country in Europe, it is actually quite affordable with some flights being as low as $40.

  • Clear your caches and cookies before each flight search. Airlines hold on to these searches from your search engine and can actually alter the price to the average price you’ve been paying.

  • Hopper. Hopper is an app that watches flights for you and lets you know when to book. Hopper is your friend. GO DOWNLOAD IT. Hopper gives you tips on what is the cheapest airport to fly in and out of. I use Hopper all the time and it is a lifesaver.

  • When it is time to search for the best flight, I recommend or These two websites have the lowest prices. I usually search on both and compare prices. It is also important to remember that airlines like Southwest are not always shown on these websites so if you’re flying throughout the United States, check Southwest’s website as well.

  • Buy flights through Google incognito mode. To do this, you must be using Google Chrome. Next to the search bar are three dots. You’ll select “new incognito mode” which allows you to browse in private. Airlines hold on to your searches through your search engines and alter flight prices to the average price you’ve paid in the past.


Accommodation is definitely a huge price factor for travel. As much as I would love to stay in some luxurious five-star resort, it just isn’t always realistic. So where do I stay?

  • Hostels are a great way to save money and you get to know a lot of really fun people! Hostels range from $10-$100 a night. You have the option of sleeping in bunk beds with other fellow travelers or some hostels have private rooms if you have a group with you. There are definitely some downsides to hostels, which is why you need to do your research and check the reviews. With the prices so low, they aren’t always the most comfortable or ideal place to sleep.

  • Airbnbs are another source of accommodation. They allow you to sleep in people’s homes. However, you might want to bring a towel and toiletries because they do not always provide these things. It is also important to keep in mind that you can be scammed. For example, I called our Airbnb in Miami in advance to ask if we could check in early. The guy said he didn’t even have the apartment anymore. He failed to mention that to Airbnb so as you can imagine it was a scramble to find a new spot to stay. It is also important to remember that these are people’s homes and you never know how clean or sane the people may be. I say sane because my friends and I stayed in, I kid you not, a HAUNTED AIRBNB in Paris. I’ll save that story for another post. Just do your research and read the reviews and please, always listen to your gut instinct.

  • Hotels. If you must absolutely stay at a hotel, it can be affordable. I personally use Sign up for their rewards program to receive frequent free rooms and secret prices.

  • Work for stay. There are plenty of work for stay options. If you find you want to travel for long periods of time, there are plenty of nanny or teaching options. I completed a program through IVHQ where I taught English in Costa Rica and paid $300 a week to stay there with meals included. I’ve also seen hostels that allow people to give walking tours for guests in exchange for a place to crash. Explore all your options!

  • House or Pet Sit. Follow this link to Housecarers. Fulfill your travel dreams by watching over someone’s home and if they have pets, you can keep them out of boarding kennels. It is a win win for both sides.


    Many countries do not have Uber or Lyft and even if they do, those ride prices can really rack up. I encourage you to challenge yourself to be aware of your surroundings and take a method of transportation that may be out of your comfort zone, such as the subway, train, bike, etc. There are some tips I’d like to mention here.

    • Referral points: Referring someone to Uber or Lyft can give you free rides.

    • If you choose to ride the subway or train, make sure you scan your ticket on the way in and out. Otherwise, you may get a ticket. (DON’T ASK HOW I KNOW THAT hehe)

    • Download the Citymappers app. It is this amazing app that tells you the best ways to get around town. It even shows you how many calories you’d burn if you walked or cycled.

    • If you want to bounce around from country to country, I recommend using a website like which helps you find out the best flight, train or bus option.


    • Parking your car at the airport can be expensive. I usually park in the economy parking, which is $10 a day at the Sacramento airport, if I am going to only be gone a few days. Otherwise, don’t do it if you’ll be gone awhile. There is also an app called Way that shows you affordable parking prices that are near the airport. I once parked my car at a hotel that offered a free shuttle to the airport for $7 a day using the Way app.

    • Bag fees. Bag fees can really add up. Some airlines are real sticklers about this. They charge if you do not check your bag before you get to the airport. I recommend taking a carry on. I recommend the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Suitcase Luggage with Wheels because it is durable and can expand. You’d be surprised how much stuff you can pack in here.

    • Complimentary beverages on the plane? NOPE. Many airlines charge you for drinks or snacks so bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up after you pass through security.

    • Seat charges. Many airlines charge a fee for any seat, not just the priority seats. That is usually why some flights appear so cheap because they end up having you pay for the seat as well. I usually just sit in the cheapest seat.

    • Exchange fees. I recommend using a credit card that does not have foreign transaction fees. These can really add up especially if your bank charges the exchange rate and a fee on top of that. I’m not a big cash person but if you must need cash then exchange it before the trip or by using an ATM in the country you’ve traveled to. It is often much cheaper to pull cash from an ATM than to go to a currency exchange spot at the airport. The fees are much lower. Airports charge extra fees on fees on fees on fees to exchange currency. Also, many people forget to tell their banks before they go out of town. You may arrive at your destination and your bank shuts down your card if they believe the transaction is fraud. I bank with Wells Fargo and they let you create travel plans in the app.

    • Phone carrier fees. Make sure to settle things with your cellular provider beforehand. The last thing you need is hundreds of dollars added on to your phone bill because you forgot to set up a travel plan. I usually buy the travel plan that covers a bit of gigabytes but also turn off my cellular network when out and about. I connect to Wifi whenever possible since WiFi is usually free. If you want an even cheaper option in the long run, I recommend the Skyroam Wifi hotspot. The Skyroam keeps you connected around the world without any roaming fees. There is also the option to pay $10 a day with AT&T to have unlimited data, calls and texts. This option is great for shorter trips. Also, change your phone mail settings to Fetch instead of Push, which prevents your phone from downloading emails in the background by using your cellular data. You’ll actually have to go into the mail app in order to retrieve them.

      *Side note. If international travel is not your thing right now, I highly recommend weekend getaways. With a 9-5 job, there is only so much time you can take off, so I’ll often leave Friday after work and come back late Sunday or early Monday. You gotta fuel that inner wanderlust my friend.

    It amazes me how afraid people are of the unknown. My mother thought the idea of me traveling in Brazil was the scariest thing but it is no more scarier than New York City or Oakland, CA. So go out there and travel! Don’t let your fear or anything stop you! Worst case scenario, you lose your passport, you get into some trouble or you get a little lost but EVERYTHING always works itself out. I always tell myself even if things don’t go as planned, it’s okay. You pick yourself up and you realize that the universe puts you in situations and it is all for a reason. If traveling is really something you want to do, it can happen. Manifest your own destiny. Happy Travels.

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